So often schools have a vision for their future that never seems to get out of the visionary stage because leaders and staff are committed throughout the school year to educating children and cultivating family and community relationships. Andrews Educational Institute has the answer to the question, “When will our school have time to make the vision reality?”  With a customized Consulting & Advisory program, the answer is…


One of AEI’s expert staff will act as your dedicated consultant/advisor to identify areas of need based on the school’s objectives: improvement, change, accreditation, or transition (or something else).  To start, AEI’s Consultant will work with teachers and leaders to develop a customized plan that includes collecting the necessary data, reflecting on and refining current practices, curriculum, structure. etc., and setting goals.  Your dedicated Consultant will be with you onsite one full day each month throughout the 10-month school year to guide implementation and will be available virtually each month to advise, assist, and support. 

Andrews Educational Institute offers schools a free 30-minute consultation meeting to discuss how a customized school-year Consulting & Advisory program can help you finally make those dreams for your school come to life.

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