Coaching is a developmental process where a leader gets tailored help from a coach to help them achieve a goal to become a more effective leader.
At AEI, the coach acts a guide, helping to identify and remove the obstacles that stand the way of leaders attaining goals.  The Instructional/Educational model we use provide the emerging or established leader with an experienced and trusting advisor who provides guidance, training, and other resources
Together, they focus on practical strategies for engaging students, encouraging staff and faculty, and cultivating their own leadership skills.

Packages Offered

Start + Follow Up

1 (1-Hour Session)


  • Begin the coaching relationship.
  • Unearth your potential.

Planted Emerging Leader

3 (1-Hour Sessions)


  • Already a curriculum on diversion leaders.
  • Begin understanding your strengths.
  • Define you as a leader.

Blooming Growing Leader

6 (1-Hour Sessions)


  • Learn skills to sustain YOU.

  • Define areas of strength and growth.

  • Develop a professional strategic plan.

Flourish Rooted Leader

9 (1-Hour Sessions)


  • Put the strategic plan into action.
  • Assist in learning mindfulness.
  • Build stronger relationships.

The Transition

1 (1-Hour Session)


  • Create steps for your exit as a leader and for your team.

  • Start the conversation and planning.

Coaching Request