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Guiding leaders to identify needs and building plans to address them. For example:

*Accreditation – assess current systems to generate and implement action plans

*Building Relationships – practical guidance in developing and enhancing relationships with faculty & staff, parents, board of directors, and community partners

*Skills & Strengths – evaluate current capacity to pinpoint gaps and create professional development and training programs


*Customize the unique needs of current and emerging leaders

*Identify obstacles to growth and brainstorm a process to remove them and mitigate their risks

*Create plans for practical & creative ways to increase efficiency and achieve goals

*Inspire innovative systems designed to reach maximum professional potential


*Conscious Discipline for Teachers

*Creating the Essential School Guidance Program – Without Breaking the Budget

*Financial Health & Positive-Flow Budgeting

*The Power of Why

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Josie Hill Founder & Director of Finance & Strategic Planning Lakeland Montessori Public Charter Schools

The Andrews Educational Institute has years of Montessori excellence behind it. Their Montessori experts have assisted our school tremendously over many years and in multiple areas of operations such as classroom consultation; assessment; board governance; parent education; and administrative support. We can't say enough about the value of their expertise!

Christopher Nellis

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sheila and the Andrews team collaborating on best practices and vision for the successful growth of our school. They were well versed in topics from Budgeting to Human Resources to Building a collaborative Parent Community. Their professionalism and willing to go the extra mile to assuage our fears and walk with us through the difficult times, paid off with a stellar enrollment and cohesive faculty spirit.

Yvonne Shivji Principal Monarch Montessori

I met with Scott and Sheila for the first time in February. I was looking for a place to begin a Montessori school and immediately fell in love with the overall feel of their school both inside and out.

This was my first opportunity to head up a school and Sheila and Scott, in the true Montessori spirit, walked me through the process with kindness and grace. They gladly took time from their busy schedules to meet with me to share their advice, expertise and experience on a weekly basis over a period of months.

Both Sheila and Scott welcomed our whole team with open arms and made what could have been a very stressful situation, a calm and informed experience. I will be forever grateful to them for their guidance and support.

Heather Manrow, M. ED Principal Lakeland Montessori Schoolhouse and Lakeland Montessori Middle School

Working with Sheila over the past several years has had many benefits, not just to our school, but to me as well...both personally and professionally. Her knowledge of Montessori, building community and human nature have helped us all grow in many ways. I know that I am a better administrator and person through our work together!

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